SACIM Australia Committee

Guy Cyril Tuyau

Cyril and partner Usha joined Sacim in 2007. He became Treasurer in 2010 and was elected President at the AGM held on 18th August 2012. He is the proud father of Nick, married to Sunita, and of Maxine. He is a CPA and works as an accountant for the Goodyear-Dunlop Tyres Corporation in Melbourne.

Vice President & Major Event Coordinator
Gilbert Clark

Works in accounting and financial services. Has been a committee member of SACIM Australia for five years, before being elected president in 2008 through to August 2012.

Christiane Quenette
ène Tesmann

Marlene and husband Jean joined Sacim in 1999 following in the footsteps of her parents. They are proud parents of a daughter Gina and grand parents to a grandson Conor.
They have frequently hosted children that have been sent through Sacim Mauritius. In 2008 Marlene was elected secretary, a position she holds to date. After 34 years in the teaching profession she retired in 2007 but went back to work in a temporary capacity.

Assistant Secretary & Membership Administrator
Chantal Felix


General Committee members:  
Fritz Herry
May Herry

Gino Aliphon

Richard Le Miere

Born in 1964 in Mauritius, have supported Sacim, since my mother was involved in the 70's.
Married with two children. Didier is 10 and Gisele is 8.
Have created some friends from SACIM children, in particular, Maya Beejadhur, who is now married and lives in England and Ravi Bhoolah who has 2 children. Every visit I make to Mauritius I visit the Bhoolah family and always receive a great welcome.
I work as a gardener-landscaper- horticulturalist-qualified, and previously worked in banking and insurance. Been in business 10 years. Love my Mauritian heritage and am proud to be so. Proud to say I have very little grey hair compared to my friends, and I still get asked for ID when i buy a beer!