About SACIM Australia

Over the past 30 years SACIM has cared for over 240 children from Mauritius in Australia. Every single case was complex. More recently SACIM in Australia has been able to sponsor Specialist Doctors from Australia to travel to Mauritius and perform operations there. In some cases this has proved to be a more effective way of caring for the children.

The hospitals and medical professionals in Australia provide their services on a volunteer basis as much as possible, but there are some costs that cannot be waived. Depending on the case, the costs can vary between $10,000 and $50,000 and sometimes more. Those costs are paid for by funds raised by SACIM supporters. 

The SACIM Aus Committee meets regularly once a month and operates under a  structured agenda and maintains minutes and records of all meetings and decisions. The SACIM accounts are maintained in compliance with the Accounting Standards in Australia and the Corporations Regulations 2001. The accounts are externally audited every year and presented to financial members at each AGM at the end of August every year. SACIM Australia has a published constitution and obtained its Certificate of Incorporation with Corporate Affairs Victoria in 2001. SACIM Australia files a return every financial year.

SACIM Australia receives children from Mauritius for treatment at appropriate Victorian hospitals. The children are assessed in Mauritius by SACIM Mauritius by a Means Test and Medical Criteria, and once they are declared “inoperable”, they are prepared for treatment in several overseas countries, including Australia.
In Melbourne SACIM Australia organizes all the support necessary for the child before, during and after the treatment, and funds the medical costs. The support includes providing Foster Parent Care to host the child in a family environment and alleviate the trauma associated with major surgery. The children are picked up at the airport when they arrive and cared for in the Foster Parents’ home until admission to the hospital. The children also return to the Foster family after surgery and stay there for any further treatment and rehabilitation until they are ready to fly back to Mauritius.
Over the past 3 years SACIM has also been greatly assisted by volunteer medical specialists from Melbourne, led by Professor Paddy Dewan, who have travelled to Mauritius to perform operations there. The specialists have also trained medical personnel in Mauritius Hospitals. SACIM Australia has partly funded the trips. Professor Dewan and his team from the Kind Cuts for Kids organization have operated on over 400 critical cases in Mauritius since 2001. This is an outstanding achievement.

SACIM Australia derives 100% of its finances from fundraising activities organized by the committee. The fundraising scope includes one major raffle, several dances and dinner functions, and donations from members and supporters.